Marketing APPROACH & Philosophy

Rachel Rae’s approach to marketing is entirely human-centered. She approaches each opportunity looking to provide solutions that directly correspond to the needs, wants, and desires of those looking for a connection. To be able to connect is what it means to be human. Rachel believes marketing is not a one-way street and strives for both authentic and efficient engagement with those she is working with. Her strategies always begin with asking questions and digging below the surface to understand why things should be marketed and what values are being served. 


The people who know Rachel Rae personally understand she is highly analytical and looks to provide answers with the support of data and hard scripted insight. She is rational and inherently interested in the pursuit of continuous improvement. After the thorough preparation of a strategy, she will monitor closely to see what is working and what is not and constantly develop it. There is always room for growth. 


Rachel Rae is particularly experienced in the Digital Marketing sphere, being an in-house Millennial allows for her to accelerate in Social Media Management, as well as Content Creation. She creates content that people want to see and want to engage with. Highly skilled in photography, mixed media, and Adobe Creative Cloud, Rachel is will provide tasteful design-focused solutions.


To schedule a free consultation, inquire with any questions, or just to say hello fill out the contact form found in the footer of the page. Rachel Rae would love to hear how she can collaborate and partner with you! 


  • Holistic Marketing Strategy & Execution 

  • Social Media Management 

  • Content Creation 

  • Adobe Creative Cloud 

  • Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing

  • Search Engine Optimization & Keyword Research

  • Google AdWords

  • Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Market Research 

  • Google Analytics 

  • Data Analytics, Data Processing 

  • Market Data Interpretation 

  • SAS & SPSS 

Clients Worked with:

Yampa Sandwich Company
Wachsmann & Associates, P.C.
GEM - logo@300x.png
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Tom Roderick Art
OptiEnz Ethanol Sensors
Priority Organics